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Hi there, my name is Alex Devlin, a family oriented individual with a passion for creativity and dependable quality.
I truly believe that by helping all my potential customers find a vision for their projects, you will see my enthusiastic dedication for Interior Finishing, and why I left my Electrical trade of 10 years to pursue.

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My Mission

I was young, and at 15 years old I began helping my father in the Electrical trade after school and weekends. He was the Head Electrician in a Sawmill, and took on extra work. I always felt I had to live up to his quality and be the best I could be. At a early age I began to work towards a motto I now carry with me today, "You either strive to be the best, or your just one of the rest." And I've worked my entire career living up to this.


You see, as I got older, working in the Electrical trade, no matter how good a job I could do, in the end, the only thing that customers knew, or seen, was not the quality of the job, but only, does the light work? Great job! They couldn't see the quality, it was either buried in the wall, behind a cover plate or a panel.

No one could see my quality, and this frustrated me beyond belief.  They couldn't tell the difference in workmanship between a seasoned journeyman or a apprentice fresh out of school, it was just, does it work or not.

After some time I really wanted to run my own business, but one I could be proud of, one where customers could see the difference in quality between companies, one where I could stand out from the crowd. I knew I was extremely good with my hands, and had an eye for detail, and I wanted to show it off. Who wouldn't? Which became the reason I left my Electrical trade for Interior Finishing, despite my friends and peers questioning me as to why I would leave such a good trade for drywall.


 I wanted my customers to know and see the difference in quality between my work and someone else's. I wanted to see that my customers were ecstatic when I completed a job for them, that they knew they got the best. It's the satisfaction of a good quality job well done, and I wanted my customers to be able to see it.

That to me was, and is, my mission in life, besides my family of course!    


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