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 Your Vision
Hi there, my name is Alex Devlin, a family oriented individual with a passion for creativity and dependable quality.
I truly believe that by helping all my potential customers find a vision for their projects, you will see my enthusiastic dedication for Interior Finishing, and why I left my Electrical trade of 10 years to pursue.

  About Us/My Mission

I was young, and at 15 years old I began helping my father in the Electrical trade after school and weekends. He was the Head Electrician in a Sawmill, and took on extra work. I always felt I had to live up to his quality and be the best I could be. At a early age I began to work towards a motto I now carry with me today, "You either strive to be the best, or your just one of the rest." And I've worked my entire career living up to this.

You see, as I got older, working in the Electrical trade, no matter how good a job I could do, in the end, the only thing that customers knew, or seen, was not the quality of the job, but only, does the light work? Great job! They couldn't see the quality, it was either buried in the wall, behind a cover plate or a panel. 
 No one could see my quality, and this frustrated me beyond belief.  They couldn't tell the difference in workmanship between a seasoned journeyman or a apprentice fresh out of school, it was just, does it work or not.

After some time I really wanted to run my own business, but one I could be proud of, one where customers could see the difference in quality between companies, one where I could stand out from the crowd. I knew I was extremely good with my hands, and had an eye for detail, and I wanted to show it off. Who wouldn't? Which became the reason I left my Electrical trade for Interior Finishing, despite my friends and peers questioning me as to why I would leave such a good trade for drywall.
 I wanted my customers to know and see the difference in quality between my work and someone else's. I wanted to see that my customers were ecstatic when I completed a job for them, that they knew they got the best. Its the satisfaction of a good quality job well done, and I wanted my customers to be able to see it.

That to me was, and is, my mission in life, besides my family of course!    
New Custom Homes/ Basements/ Additions
The Boarding
Once the materials are delivered to the job site, I will go and video the entire project to document the locations of every receptacle, switch, light, and wire.        
    This is one major detail that most contractors overlook. Doing this simple task, I can guarantee never to lose a box, light or wire in the wall, or ceiling.
In the end, this can be a very costly mistake, cutting open walls and repainting, not to mention no matter how good the boarders are, there is always a chance that boxes or lights can get buried, hence why I will take a video, for preventative measures. 

Then, after the boarding is complete, I will come to the job for two things;
-One, to check for any buried boxes as we talked about, 
  -And two, I will go over the whole job, to make sure all the screws are fastened properly, and add some where needed. 
  Any screws that have ripped the drywall paper, will be replaced, before the tapers are sent in, everyone hates screw pops, as well as if there is hardwood flooring anywhere in the house, I will make sure to double up the screws on the ceiling below. 
As many of you know, when the hardwood is installed, the tongue and groove material has to be hammered down into place, this hammering can typically cause a lot of screw pops on the ceiling below the floor.
    Doubling up the screws below, in 95% of cases, eliminates this problem.
The Finishing
The final step for ensuring quality, is after the taping crew finishes up, but before the painters prime, I will come in to do a final light check and sponge sand when necessary, to be sure the finishing crew sanded the project properly, cause if not, it will create more time coming back to touch up one day, then another to sand, this process takes an extra 2 days unnecessarily.

   Although, if caught before the painters prime, catching all the scuffs and imperfections that may have been left behind, will save time, and as you know time is money.
 Sound Proofing Your Basement 
     The number 1 question I am asked is how to best soundproof your basement suit, theatre room, or to quite the sound of draining water in the walls and ceilings. But did you know there are two kinds of noise?
Airborne sound is generated by music, voices, and ambient noise etc. 
Impact sound is the result of foot traffic or falling objects, this sound travels through the structure.
   There are a few products for sound proofing that I would recommend, but I would say it all starts with the best insulation on the market.       
        Roxul  is exceptionally good for airborne sound transfer that occurs between adjoining floors, walls, ceilings and through electrical receptacles and furnace vents, that no other insolation or drywall product can provide. 

   Made from volcanic rock, it will not burn, and has melting temperature of over 2000 fahrenheit, so in the event of a fire, it will give you more time to get out safe, as it helps contain the flame spread better than any other insulation I know of.
    Resilient channels or res-bar isolates your ceiling from the joists, effectively reducing impact sounds.
     Donna Cona is a compressed fibre board, and is also a great product for airborne sounds, especially when used in conjunction with res-bar and drywall.      
     After many, many years in the trades, I have found that adding a layer of Donna Cona directly on the joists first, then applying resilient channels on top, and finally your drywall, creates a 1/2 air gap in the middle, which also acts as a sound barrier.
     Sound proofing this way using 3 materials, gives you 4 sound trapping qualities, and the 4th one being a 1/2 air gap, is created by the proper installation of materials. 
     In all the years of doing things this way, I have had numerous complements about how good a job sound proofing this combination created, and never so much as one complaint.  So I think I'm on to something!

 Renovations And Restorations
     There is much skill required as a finisher in this department. If you are remodeling parts of your home you should really make certain you find yourself a high quality drywall finisher. 

 This is because when cutting out parts of walls, and ceilings, the patched joints will stick out a lot more than new drywall with beveled edges that are designed to bed the tape beneath the surface to allow for a flat finish. 

  The majority of  finishers are use to finishing new drywall, and lack the experience and techniques needed to produce an exceptional finish when the joints are protrusive. 
Coating mud on paint tends to be another issue most all the time with Reno's, as paint doesn't absorb moisture with-in the second coat of mud. 

You will find that there will be an overwhelming amount of air bubbles coming through the second coat of mud, and the most effective way to battle this I have found is to apply mud over the area and then wipe it right back off, this moistens the first coat over the paint and allows it to adhere better, then reapply the second coat immediately as normal.  

  This method will typically work in most cases, but not every time, sometimes the air bubbles are so bad you have no choice than to come back the next day and coat the area a third time, maybe even a fourth. 

This is a major reason why big renovations are sometimes difficult to estimate, and can be more expensive and time consuming than your new build.  

I've just scratched the surface, by mentioning two techniques required during renovations, their are many other things to consider that are a lot different than your new build. 

 This is why, as I said at the beginning, if your doing a large renovation, and your looking for a good drywall finish, which I'm sure you are, as over 80% of your home is covered with drywall, you will need to find yourself a quality company to do the work for you.     
Popcorn Removal/ Smooth Ceilings
     Popcorn removal is an increasingly sought after upgrade nowadays, as smooth ceilings are easier to maintain, clean, and simple to fix. Popcorn ceilings if damaged are expensive to address and very hard to blend without the proper spray machines. They can't be cleaned, and tend to stain easily, and are just outdated these days. 
    I have smoothed out so many ceilings now I couldn't count, with every customer completely satisfied. Every ceiling I do, has a process, and involves a lot of work and skill. If the ceiling has been painted, it will involve anywhere from 2-4 coats of filler, and sanding in between, if unpainted, 2 coats should be adequate. 

     The work is strenuous on your shoulders and neck, as it is very repetitious for long periods of time, but the outcome is well worth it, as they look beautiful when done, most times better than re drywalling, as it is a level 5 finish, meaning every square inch is filled with mud, giving a even texture throughout the entire ceiling. 
   Not a cheap process, but neither is tearing out the old ceiling, disposing of the drywall and insolation that falls out, replacing them both, then finishing it again anyways. 

    Not to mention the clean up, or having to take the old drywall to be tested for asbestos before they allow you to dispose of it. In the end, you will wish you had just smoothed out your ceiling, a much simpler process.

Small Jobs 
     Small jobs are most often passed up by many busy Drywall Contractors, as its just too time consuming to come give estimates on these, but here at Devlin Drywall we like to try and accommodate everyone. 
 So to be fair, we will give you a great minimum call out rate for your small jobs, but we can not come to give a quote in person on these projects, but if you message or email me with some pictures, or better yet, a short video, no more than about 40 seconds each, as to be small enough to sent via Text, 9 times out of 10, I can give you a price over the phone, and if for whatever reason that I can't, then I will come pay you a visit. 

This is the best we can offer, to try and help everyone, and still be profitable. 

No job is too small, we make time for everyone.
 T-Bar or Suspended Ceilings
      Suspended ceilings were designed to hide a buildings infrastructure, like pipes, wiring and ductwork, and to provide access for repair or inspection of the area above called the plenum. Mostly used in commercial buildings, its main advantage is that the easily removed ceiling panels offer instant access, greatly simplifying alterations or renovations.

T-bar ceilings are often used in conjunction with hollow steel studs to build small office spaces easily modified, running wires and pipes through the open ceiling, down through the hollow stud walls, and to outlets in the office. 
From time to time home owners also like to install these ceiling in their basements, its a quick, clean, and easy way to hide all the pipes and air ducts, while allowing accessibility to modify their living space when desired. 

Ceiling tiles also come in sound absorbing materials to help with sound transfer, but for extra measures, Roxul batts can also be installed on top of the tiles for a fantastic overall sound barrier. 
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